are you who you think you are

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live as if there was no TIME

imageI look at the time it marks 1:12 A.M to some this is morning to others it it sound asleep , I look at the clock and read 1:15am I look at it once more it is now 4:13 AM , time is a concept created by a humans a miserable chaining conCEPT that keeps us away from actually being free . Our whole life we wait for something we are always waiting for something , and yet some of us are considered patient but as a patient person you fail to realize that you to are too always waiting , we wait for Friday to come , summer, our nextbirthday , holidays . The waiting of these events are measured by time . But once that time is over, once it is Friday , summer , thanksgiving , another year of your life , what then , you have spent your whole time waiting your thoughts being brought down and consumed by time that you completely forget about how amazing that Friday was because you were wondering what the weather would be like on the Sunday of Febuary 6th your birthday , and then your birthday arrived and you were already so restless on the thoughts of summer , where will you go , who will you visit , summer arrived but as it passed by month by month you began to wonder which family members you will invite to thanksgiving dinner , then it was another year another year you got to wait for something to happen another year time had passed by right in front of you but you were to busy waiting for the next thing to happen , you were to busy waiting.Waiting is an act that is dominated by time. Imagine a world without time , imagine a world where you actually felt free

xoxo Jacks


Weekend Edition – Dear Writer, You are weird. Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Weekend Edition – Dear Writer, You are weird. Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips.

Hello world!

hello I am Jackie , or you can call me Jacks .

I decided to start a wordpress to express my love for writing. I hope to give people a different perspective of the world. Or to even make you laugh as I rant about my days or to give you a chance to learn something new , or perhaps you will even find yourself questioning your identity … are you who you think you are ?

Xoxo Jacks

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